3D Model Competition

Bring, showcase your 3D model and win.

For those who have and actively use a 3D printer, we have prepared a contest of 3D models.
3D model evaluation of the imagination and quality of the design will be done by both 3D expo visitors and exhibitors. Visitors’ vote will also be used to draw the raffle.

The contest registration form will be available approximately one month before the Event.
You can bring and submit the competition 3D models to the organizers no later than on the first day of the exhibition so that the visitors can admire them and give them their voice from the beginning of the event.

The closure of voting will be on Saturday 16.11.2019 at 16:00; winners’ announcement at 17:00.
The contestants’ models will be locked, displayed in showcases during the exhibition. After closing of the voting models will be returned to the owners.